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We source the finest local ingredients at the peak of their freshness. Many of our ferments change on a seasonal basis, so please call ahead to check availability.

Kraut Style Ferments

These living, probiotic foods contain only organic veggies, Japanese sea salt and spices. Instead of adding water, the veggies are chopped, salted and pounded to release their juices, creating the brine which allows gut-friendly bacteria to thrive. Their sour-tangy crunch is great on sandwiches and tacos.

Seasonal Brined Ferments

Locally sourced veggies are submerged in a salt-water brine with spices, herbs, and garlic. This preserves their texture and flavor for several months making them perfect additions to salads and charcuterie boards.

Fruit Preserves

Berries, stone fruits, citrus, and pome fruits are cooked with spices, herbs and chiles. They are sweetened with raw honey or coconut sugar, ready to complete your cheese plate.

Kimchi Hummus

Dashi Kimchi is blended with our fresh hummus, producing a highly addictive probiotic snack.


Coconut-Strawberry Granola – This grain-free, refined sugar-free snack is packed with clusters of organic coconut, pecans, almonds, and coconut sugar. Dehydrated local strawberries add a distinctive burst of flavor that makes a perfect topping for yogurt or panna cotta.

Sorry, we currently do not ship or take orders through the website. Please email fermentalitylab@gmail.com to place an order for delivery.

Kraut Style Ferments

16 oz

Original Sauerkraut

The perfect blend of tartness and crunch, spiced with cumin and ajwain seeds. Perfect complement to a juicy bratwurst or grilled zucchini. Good source of vitamins C and K.

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Longevity Sauerkraut

Our anti-inflammatory powerhouse is fermented with turmeric, ginger, black pepper, and coriander. Add it to stir-fried veggies for an extra kick. High in iron, gingerol, and curcumin.

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The sweetness of red cabbage fermented with the earthy nuttiness of celery root. Try it on avocado toast. High in potassium and vitamin B6.

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Thai Kraut

Locally sourced carrots, shallots, Fresno chile, lemongrass and garlic make a tangy kraut perfect for topping grilled swordfish or shrimp tacos. Excellent source of Vitamin A.

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Original Kimchi

The traditional Korean pickle, made with napa cabbage, daikon radish, ginger, garlic, fish sauce and gochugaru. Its mid-range spiciness pairs well with braised pork belly or roasted Brussels sprouts. High in fiber and Vitamin C.

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Daikon Kimchi

Our spiciest kimchi, also known as kakkdugi, has a sour kick and is a traditional accompaniment to oxtail soup. Try it on a tri-tip sandwich. Great source of potassium, copper, and magnesium.

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Dashi Kimchi

Our clear kimchi is made with a shiitake mushroom and kombu broth for added umami. Suitable for vegans, toss it into an arugula tomato salad.  The brine also makes a tasty probiotic energy shot.

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  Seasonal Brined Ferments

16 oz.

Thai Cauliflower

The most nutritious of all the cruciferous veggies, our cauliflower is brined with turmeric, ginger, garlic, shallots, kaffir lime, and lemongrass. A bright and crunchy complement to salads and stews. High in vitamins C, K, choline, and folate.

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Vital Roots

Beets, turnips, and baby carrots are brined with garlic, ginger, and spices to create a crunchy medley packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients. The bright magenta brine can be blended with avocado oil to make a dressing for your mesclun salad.

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Beet Kvass (12 oz)

The perfect probiotic beverage. Like kombucha, it’s rich in beneficial bacteria, but also comes packed with fiber, iron, folate, and potassium. Regular consumption of beets will stimulate liver function and prevent cancer cell growth.

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 Fruit Preserves

4.75 oz & 8 oz

Strawberry Jalapeno

Whole peak-season strawberries, honey, and a hint of jalapeno make a delicious topping for baked brie or coconut pancakes.

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Fig Balsamic

Local mission figs, organic coconut sugar and a touch of aged balsamic vinegar.  Pairs with Stilton and arugula, or duck breast and a good pinot noir. (available in 4 oz only)

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Plum 5-Spice

Made with honey, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, fennel, and black pepper. These plums with smoked gouda and a slice of prosciutto make a killer grilled cheese.

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Peach Ginger

Sliced peaches, local honey, and a touch of ginger make a great pairing for manchego or Havarti.  Try it as a filling in hand pies or brush it on chicken yakitori.

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Blueberry Tangerine

Made with locally sourced berries and citrus, organic coconut sugar, natural fruit pectin, and pure vanilla extract. Pairs with double-crème brie or goat cheese. Swirl it into your yogurt or top a grilled salmon filet.

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Kumquat Curry

Organic kumquats and honey are simmered with a touch of curry powder. Pairs with sheep’s milk cheese or feta. Try it with fried chicken and waffles, or use it to glaze a pork tenderloin.

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